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Elevate Workspace Hygiene

Trust Janeco Building Maintenace for exceptional janitorial services, a choice for businesses across West Palm Beach, Orlando, Tampa, and surrounding Florida counties for over 32 years. Our premier office cleaning solutions are designed to elevate workplace hygiene and aesthetics, promoting a clean, healthy, and inspiring environment. We recognize the role that a clean office space plays in being productive and promoting a good company image. We cover everything from routine janitorial work to specialized floor, carpet, and window cleaning. Our dedicated team maintains your office to the highest standards of cleanliness, leaving you free to focus on your business.

Our Comprehensive Commercial Cleaning Offerings

Janitorial Service

Carpet Cleaning

Floor Cleaning

Building Maintenance

Janitorial Cleaning Services with JANECO
  • Day and night time cleaning:

    We adapt to your business hours for optimal convenience. Whether it's a busy day or a quiet night, we ensure your workspace is spotless, without disrupting your operations.

  • Day Porter and Matrons:

    Our dedicated day porter staff maintains cleanliness and hygiene throughout the day by addressing high-traffic and high-touch areas, emptying trash receptacles, and spot cleaning as needed, refreshing restrooms and restocking paper products.

  • Restroom sanitation:

    Our team wipes and sanitizes every surface in restrooms daily, including toilets, sinks, mirrors, and floors, ensuring a clean and hygienic environment. We also restock necessary supplies, such as toilet paper and soap, to maintain user satisfaction.

  • Breakroom and kitchen cleaning:

    We thoroughly clean and disinfect breakrooms and kitchens, including countertops, appliances, tables, and chairs, to minimize the spread of germs and ensure a safe space for employees to eat and relax.

  • Trash removal:

    Regular collection and disposal of waste to ensure a clean and clutter-free environment.

  • Upholstery and Fabric Cleaning:

    Our specialized cleaning methods remove dirt, stains, and odors from office furniture, including chairs, sofas, and cubicle partitions. We use eco-friendly cleaning solutions that are safe and effective for your employees and furniture.

Carpet Cleaning Services with JANECO
  • CRI seal of approval:

    We use products that are Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) approved.

  • JANECO uses a 3 Step Carpet Cleaning Process:

    • 1. Shampoo and bonnet cleaning: An effective process that lifts dirt from your carpets using a slow speed rotating machine.
    • 2. Extraction shampoo and rinse:

      Steam clean and rinse carpet with clean water to remove chemical, stains, and dirt.

    • 3. Carpet treatment:

      Treat carpet with moldicide, germicide, and deodorizers. Position floor fans strategically to expedite drying and achieve same-day results.

Floor Cleaning Services with JANECO
  • Color-coded mops:

    We use color-coded mops for each specific area to prevent cross-contamination - an orange mop meant for restrooms is never confused with a green one for common areas and offices.

  • Vinyl Tile Stripping and Waxing:

    Revitalize and protect your tiles against damage with our professional services.

  • Strip Buffing:

    Experience improved aesthetics with a high-gloss finish achieved through our buffing process.

  • Polishing and Restoration:

    Restore the natural elegance and luster of your marble surfaces with our specialized procedures.

  • Compound Polishing:

    Benefit from a deep-cleaning procedure that removes stubborn stains and scuffs from your floors.

  • Granite Floor Cleaning and Maintenance:

    Maintain the radiance and durability of your granite surfaces with our specialized care practices.

Building Maintenance Cleaning Services with JANECO
  • Grounds Keeper:

    Maintain the aesthetics and health of your exterior spaces with our diligent grounds keeping services.

  • Interior & Exterior Painting:

    Transform your spaces with our professional painting services, offering both interior and exterior solutions.

  • Ballast, Light Bulbs & Switch Replacement:

    Keep your premises well-lit and functional with our replacement services for ballasts, light bulbs, and switches.

  • Pressure Cleaning:

    Renew your building's exterior, driveways, and walkways with our effective pressure cleaning techniques.

  • Garage Cleaning:

    Maintain a clean, organized, and safe garage with our comprehensive cleaning service which includes our proprietary degreaser that removes oils stains and rust stains.

  • Parking Stop Repair:

    Ensure the safety and order of your parking area with our timely parking stop repairs.

  • Mold Treatment & Removal:

    Safeguard the health of your occupants with our efficient mold treatment and removal services, keeping your premises mold-free.

Safety Procedures

We worry about your safety

We understand your safety and that of your tenants is of the upmost importance.

Background checks

All of our employees receive background checks and are diligently verified with the Social Security Administration. Information, which can be provided to the Property Manager at any time.

Employee Training

Our professional cleaners are E-verified and go through extensive training which includes safety as the number one concern. This is why our employees will not allow anyone into any office or building while they are cleaning, regardless of their credentials.

Alarms and codes

We keep a door log of who enters and leaves the building with notes on any tenants that are still in the office after we are done cleaning. We ensure the safety of your codes and make sure all codes and alarms are set every night.

What We Offer

  • Green Building (GB) Certified
  • Weekly visits by management
  • Cleaning schedule verification
  • Nightly detailed door logs
  • We respond to any request within one hour
  • Trained personnel and supervisors on every job
  • A level of cleaning not found anywhere in the industry
  • Detailed restrooms, elevator tracks, and corners every night
  • Green environmentally safe cleaning products
  • Any company can start strong. We stay strong.
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