Hurricane Response Plan


Response Plan

Janeco Building Maintenace has 33 years of experience in flood and water clean-up, wind damage, and mold remediation. Although we are a janitorial company, we feel a responsibility to our clients to provide them with the security of knowing that we will be responsive and “right there with them” in the event of a disaster. Our plan is as follows:

Phase I

Hurricane policy is reviewed with the client at the beginning of hurricane season.

  • All Area Supervisors complete a hurricane preparedness checklist with the building supervisor and engineer.

  • This checklist includes names and telephone numbers of all vendors that could be needed in a disaster. The list also includes names of all personnel associated with the building, including the Building Manager, engineer, and maintenance personnel.

Phase II

In the event of an impending storm, all area managers immediately begin hurricane preparedness procedures with building management to secure the building and decide where to meet after all flood equipment is brought to the area that is expected to receive the greatest impact from the storm in the event there is no phone service available.

JANECO also requires all employees and subcontractors to meet at the building within two hours after the storm has subsided. Immediately after a storm, area supervisors inspect all buildings in their area to determine which facilities will need emergency service to prevent further damage to exposed equipment or electrical systems.

JANECO then directs the appropriate amount of available personnel to the buildings with the greatest need. This is determined by the amount of damage that has occurred and will further occur if not immediately remedied.

JANECO will attempt to make contact with building management for instructions but will immediately start clean-up if contact cannot be made and there is an emergency. If contact with Bldg. Management is possible; JANECO will be available to assist them and will take their direction on all actions.

JANECO will only act on its own if contact cannot be made with Building Management, and there is a determination by JANECO Management that there is an immediate danger of more damage occurring if immediate action is not taken.

JANECO will keep Building Management apprised of all progress made with clean-up and any new situations that may arise due to flooding, mold, tile replacement, carpet damage, etc.